I slept with my Ex Sugar Daddy

Neil had been my date and sort of a stand by Sugar Daddy when I worked for London escorts. After I had left the elite London escorts service that I used to work for, we had parted company and I had left to work abroad. Luck had sort of come my way, and I managed to get this job in a luxury hotel in Las Vegas. I say luck, but before I joined charlotte escorts, I had trained to work in a hotel, and I had a little bit of experience. When I had explained that I wanted to restart my career, they were more than happy to take me on, and even provided somewhere to live.

My temporary American work Visa had expired three weeks before I was getting my flat back in London. Instead of wasting all of the money I had earned at London escorts, I had bought this flat in Greenwich. Before I had travelled out to Las Vegas, I rented it out for a year. But my Visa was due to expire before the tenancy agreement, so I had to find somewhere to stay for a couple of weeks. The plan was to stay with one of my friends at London escorts, but they all seemed to have someone else sleeping on their sofas.

It was around this time I got an email from Neil. He just wanted to check on me and asked if I was coming back to London escorts. I said that I had no plans to go back to London escorts, but I was coming back to London. As I still needed somewhere to stay for a couple of weeks, and he had this large townhouse, I asked if I could stay with him. Did I think that it would rekindle our relationship? No, I did not for one moment, and at the time I was determined to find another job in the hospitality industry. I was still in the mood to see the world.

I don’t know why, but it seemed that Neil pulled out all of the stops for me, and even met me at Gatwick. We had not seen each other for over a year, and had parted on what I could only call open or lose terms. For some reason, it felt good to see him again, and as we hugged at the airport, I even found myself getting turned on by him. I had not expected that. Sure, he was one of my few dates who turned me on at London escorts, but this was different in some way I could not explain..When we got back to his place we chatted for a while, and then we ended up in bed together.

I wanted him so much, and he told me that he had missed me. Not only that, but he said that he had deliberately stayed out of my life after I had left London and London escorts. He had wanted me to do something different with my life for a while. When he explained that he had always had strong feelings for me I was shocked. Normally you would never hook up with your former Sugar Daddy, but as I fell asleep by his side, I knew that he had been more than just my Sugar Daddy. I had feelings for him along as well. Falling asleep had never felt better.

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