Escorts Discussing Sexual Abuse

At the moment there seems to be a lot of cases going through the courts to do with sexual abuse and child abuse? Of course we all know that it is wrong to have oral sex with a minor, and any time of sexual practises with a non consenting adult is wrong as well. However, I have dated a couple of guys at London escorts who have been accused of sexual crimes, and I have to say that it has been over silly stuff. None of the girls here at London escorts would classify a touch on the shoulder as a sexual crime.

Some of the girls here at London escorts have started to talk about a sexual witch hunt and I very much think that is true. It is so easy to accuse a man of a sexual crime these days. The question is – is it too easy to accuse a man of a crime? I think it is and I know that many of the other girls at London escorts agree with me. It is getting to be kind of frightening. The other day I was in a lift with a family, and I just helped one of the children pick something up that she had dropped on the floor and the mother shouted at me telling me not to touch her child.

That is really way over the top and it made me feel sad. I did not hurt her little girl, I just wanted to help her. If this is what is going on, I think that a lot of stuff which is going through the courts, is just a witch hunt. Like one of my dates at London escorts said, this goes for adults as well. Many men are being accused of crimes that they have not committed. All of the girls here at London escorts think that it is vital that we look out for minors and each other, but we should not be allowed to make a mockery out of the law.

I do feel sorry for Cliff Richard. It is not my favorite kind of music, but at the same time, I do not think that a person should be treated like that. The police hung out to dry before they knew whether it was true or not. And I cannot believe that the BBC followed up on the claims. After all, like many of the girls here at London escorts say, the BBC were very much involved with the Jimmy Saville scandal, and should keep their nose out of it.

Some of the gents that I date at London escorts may have some weird stuff that they are into, but none of them are violent. On top of that, I have never met any gent at London escorts who have hurt children. Most of them are fathers themselves and they probably appreciate what it is like. One of my dates at London escorts speaks passionately about his daughter, but only in the terms of the fact that she loves Wind in the Willows. Apparently he reads it to her every night and she cannot go to sleep without a favorite bedtime story.

Fellatio: How To Perform A Mind-Blowing Blow Job?

Men really enjoy receiving oral sex. Hence you should definitely give your man the ultimate sex pleasure, fellatio. A blowjob not only means putting his penis into your mouth & sucking! Rather, fellatio is an oral sex art which can drive your man insanely crazy with pleasure. If you’re wondering about how to give a mind-blowing blow job to your man, learn these incredible 8 tips which will make your job pretty easy.

1. Don’t Dive In Straight Away: Just take your time. You should actually begin by placing tiny, witty, and teasing kisses on his thighs & stomach. Then slowly let your lips graze the ultimate tip of his penis. This method gives your partner to build a sizzling & charming tension which he will definitely like.

2. Wetter Is Better: Saliva is the natural lubricant. Alternatively, you can try some flavored lubricants which are easily available on the market. Pump a few drops of such juicy flavor into your palm & apply it onto his skin while stimulating his penis with your hands at the same.

3. Lick Starting From Base To Tip: Now, lick the entire length of his penis while making a perfect eye contact, showing him that you are also excited & unashamedly enjoying yourself. That will eventually relax & arouse him more.

4. The Matchstick Method: Penises are quite similar to matchsticks. The hottest part is the top i.e the head & the frenulum, that again connects to the long shaft, which contains the most sensual nerve endings. Now, take his penis into your mouth. Concentrate on your action, add a little variety, by sucking & rolling your tongue in one way & then slowly in another direction, and also flicking it delicately.

5. Use Your Hands: If you want to give him more sensual pleasure, wrap your one hand around his shaft, and continuously move it up & down along with the constant movements of your mouth. While giving a perfect blowjob, use your fingers in order to lightly caress his testicles, pinch his nipples, and run your nails delicately on his inner thighs to stimulate his pleasure.

6. Use Moans: Many men really find it incredibly sexy when they hear their lovers making arousing sexy noises or the so-called moans. You can also use this trick to send a gorgeous vibration to his manhood.

7. Try ‘Magic 8 Ball’: Making a regular rhythm of your mouth can eventually make both of you a little bored. Hence perform just eight shallow sucks taking the tip of the penis between your sexy lips. Give him seven shallow sucks & one intense one. Then, treat him to six shallow sucks & two deeper ones and so on.

8. Add Flavor: If you wish, you can try flavored condoms too. Putting his penis wrapped in a flavored condom into your mouth is more impressive and sensual too.

Follow these 8 tips to give your man an intensely sexy blowjob today.

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